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Cardboard Packaging Manufacturers Association (KASAD) hosted Teknova at its monthly publicity meeting in April.

Two new KASAD members were given badges before the Teknova promotion. The badge of KASAD Board Member Altuğ Ulu from Korco firm to Aydın Saban, and the badge to Kerem Ege, the second member of KASAD from Fujifilm, by Ferit Dansık, Member of the Board of Directors of KASAD.

The meeting was opened with the presentation of Ferit Dansık, Secretary of KASAD Board of Directors, who stated that these meetings are a good opportunity to get to know the companies. KASAD President Alican Duran could not attend the meeting because he was abroad.

Ahmet Sezginel (Teknova Board Member); Teknova has grown from a small manufacturer to an international brand exporting to more than 30 countries in 18 years.


Teknova Matbaacılık Kimya San. ve Tic. A.S. Board Member Ahmet Sezginel explains Teknova’s founding purpose, vision, and important milestones from its 18-year history as follows:

“We established Teknova 18 years ago as 3 young engineers. In the days Teknova the organization was going through a major crisis in Turkey but we had faith in Turkey. Turkey is forced to import to, especially if you do the printing chemicals in Teknova Turkey, we hit the road to Allow produce products with appropriate certification to international quality standards. After a short R&D, we made a technology transfer agreement with Hydro Dynamics Products (HDP) in England in 2004. We started to produce high-tech printing chemicals in Turkey.

We agreed with the Sava blanket company in 2005 and with the German company Betz in 2006. Betz was producing ink delivery systems and ink supply systems and inks in Pantone colors.

We became a member of Fogra in 2008. Fogra certified manufactured in Turkey at that time that we were the only reservoir water and solvent company. We received a Fogra license for our four products, two of which are reservoir water and two of which are solvent.

In 2009, we became the authorized dealer of Tesa in the printing industry and especially in the field of journalism. We are currently serving the entire printing industry.

In 2010, we got the representation of Baldwin’s company. We sell reservoir water preparation units, automatic blanket washing systems, and UV drying systems and also supply spare parts.

In 2013, we decided to move to our Esenyurt Factory building, which has an area of ​​approximately 2500 square meters. We continued to develop products and the number of products that we produce with our own formula has exceeded 50-60.

In 2016, we decided to produce water-based ink and water-based lacquer. There were opportunities we saw in the field of flexible packaging. To develop more products in that area, we started to produce water-based ink and lacquer. First of all, we agreed with the Italian company Eston Chimica. They have started to produce color without taking raw materials in Turkey. Then, with the decision we made in 2017, we invested in machinery. In the middle of 2018, we became able to produce our own raw materials.

By the way, we did not forget our first founding philosophy in 2018. We have also received the ISO 14001 Environment and Quality Certificate. Our studies on water-based and UV flexo printing inks continue.

Water-based dispersion lac, flexo varnish, UV lac, UV ink are among our plans in the upcoming period.

Our reservoir waters can be classified as sheet offset (alcoholic, non-alcoholic), web offset (alcoholic, non-alcoholic), continuous form reservoir waters, and UV printing reservoir waters.

We have many types of blankets including conventional sheet offset, UV sheet offset, conventional web offset, UV web blankets, self-adhesive lacquer blanket, UV, and blanket for applying conventional lacquer. Of course, there are blankets used for metal printing.

We have a wide range of mold chemicals. We can classify our mold chemicals as CtP thermal bath and regenerator, CTCP positive bath, mold cleaning water, oven glue, mold glue, mold correction gel, and automatic mold washing liquid used in large size molds.

Insolvents, we produce conventional blanket and roller washing fluids, machine cleaning fluids in general, UV printing blanket and roller washing fluids, drying printing washing and fluids, printing washing fluids for flexo printing. We also have many aids. We have 50 to 60 chemicals whose formula is ours.

Besides, we agreed with IST company from Germany in 2013; We installed UV dryer systems in Hürriyet and Sabah newspapers, whose first pages were printed on glossy paper. We installed it in ten printing houses. We have also implemented many applications in the straight offset sector. ”

Teknova in Numbers

Teknova annually produces approximately 2 million 400 thousand liters of water-based ink, 1 million 200 thousand liters of water-based lacquer, 400 thousand kg of reservoir water, 35 thousand square meters of the blanket, 600 thousand liters of washing liquid, 200 thousand liters of mold chemical and approximately 250 thousand meters of produces square washcloths. The company transforms the washcloth from jumbo formats to a format that printers can use. In the blanket, it works with 3 lapping machines. Ahmet Sezginel continues as follows.

“Teknova does this job with approximately 40 people. In large cities across Turkey Although the general distribution of products in contact with the end-users has 75 dealers; We are in direct contact with over 500 printing and packaging companies. We are also a company that exports to more than 30 countries. We sell over a hundred different products and services. On the European side of Teknova to countries such as Germany, Greece, Ukraine, and Albania; It regularly exports to countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Lebanon, Iraq, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Bahrain in Asia, and countries such as Algeria, Egypt, South Africa and Sudan in Africa. Our faith and to deviate to quality has brought us this far in a short time become a brand known around the world not only in Turkey. ”

Suat Sonakın (Teknova Board Member); “We are in a position to buy Fogra for any product we want”

Teknova Board Member Suat Sonakın, in his speech started by reminding the sales office they opened last year in Istanbul 100. Yıl Neighborhood, Printing and Packaging Site, introduced some products selected from Teknova’s product groups.

Suat Sonakın stated that they started the production of the product groups in Teknova by bringing concentrated products from the British HDP and experimenting with the production of printing chemicals here, and then they started production in 2005 with the purchase of most of the formulas in the main product groups, ISO 9001 Certificate in 2009, 2009 reminds that they received Fogra certification for 4 products from 2012 to 2012 and continues as follows.

“We produce about 100 printing chemicals in these product groups. These include reservoir waters, mold chemicals, solvents, and specialty products.

We see ourselves strongly with all products under the rules production standards but the original name Total Respect the Fogra licensed products of the British, the first product that we produce in Turkey, our firstborn. We have separate reservoir water for each printing area.

Second, the alcohol-free reservoir waters group. We are very confident in these products. It has never let us down in our work so far.

The next group is our reservoir waters with Fogra. We have two Fogra certified reservoirs. Turkuaz SF and Turkuaz CS… We developed these products with our own R & D and engineers.

Nova Wash UV is a washing chemical that we produce for UV inks and is very suitable for automatic and manual use.

We have two more Fogra certified products. All R&D studies of these products were carried out in our own laboratories. Both are 60 degrees washing solvent for automatic washing.

Another feature that Teknova’s Fogra membership added to us is: Thanks to Fogra and its institute, we learned the meaning of producing at these standards. We apply these standards in all productions, with or without a Fogra certificate. For economic reasons only, we limited the number of Fogra to four. We are at the technological level that we can get Fogra for many products we produce.

There are two important products in the mold chemicals group. Novafix Plate Cleaner Plus, some mold in some places if milk mold fikser’s called, is like no fix is ​​produced in Turkey. A printer friend from Elazığ said, “I opened the mold I used and printed a year ago and printed it with Teknova’s fixer, I had zero problems.”

For systems working with UV ink, Novafix Ultra Plate Cleaner is a very powerful, highly concentrated product that does not damage molds, but definitely performs its task very well. Apart from this product, there is also a product called Dual Cleaner.

Our thermal developer products are a product that we sell 50-60 tons as both raw materials and products only to Iran and Egypt. We have been producing CtP developers for nearly 10 years. The friends we work with make sales of 50-60 tons per month in Iran.

Since the day Teknova started its journey, we continue our journey with support and confidence since you have been with us. We never forget this. We got really serious support. We tried to do the right things. We thank you as a team. ”

Melisa Aydoğan (Teknova R&D Manager); “Our R&D department is ready to meet special product demands from our customers”

Teknova R&D Manager Melisa Aydoğan; explained the Quality Assurance and Quality Control laboratories, R&D Laboratories, and the water-based dispersion lacquers they developed recently.

“When it comes to quality, ISO 9001 Certificate comes to mind without a doubt. Saying that the aim of ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certificates is to standardize the quality of production and service ”, Aydoğan continues as follows.

“Teknova has obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificates for approximately 10 years. Last year, we added ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certificates to our certificates. The standard of service and product quality we provide to our customers is one of the most important issues for us.

Product quality stability is a very important issue for us. Our team, which has been serving our customers since the day we started producing water-based flexo inks, continues to work with this awareness. We send color results and analysis reports to our customers for each approved color.

Water-based dispersion lacquers, for which we completed the R&D work last year, have become a requirement for aesthetics and durability in the cardboard packaging industry.

Teknova dispersion lacquers were created by carefully selecting the raw materials produced by world-renowned companies. When choosing dispersion lacquers, it is necessary to be careful to use fast-drying inks with fast-drying lacquers, slow drying inks, and slow drying lacquers together. All lacquers are suitable for food.

Our R&D department is ready to meet the special product demands of our customers. ”

Andreas Werner (Trelleborg Sava EMEA Business Development Manager); “You are in safe hands with Teknova”

Andreas Werner, a Business Development Manager for the EMEA region of Sava, gave general information about the Sava and explained the technology and superior features of Sava blankets.

“The Sava factory is located in Slovenia. Slovenia has been a member of the European Union since 2004. We can say that it is almost a district of Istanbul with a population of 2 million. Werner said that for everything produced in Slovenia to be successful, it must be sold abroad.

“Our company was established in 1920. We will celebrate our 100th anniversary next year. In 1990, we started the production of offset printing blankets. We have been continuing to produce blankets since then. I can say that our printing blankets are 100% environmentally friendly.

Our company joined a Czech group of companies in 2013. That group was acquired by the Trelleborg Group in 2016. The Sava is a part of it. We are producing blankets all over the world. We have an international distribution network. I can say that we invoiced more than 100 countries last year. Turkey in the same way since 2005. We are working with Teknova.

What distinguishes a good blanket from a bad one is actually the quality of the material used and how they are put together. There are some characteristic features in all blankets. Compressibility is very important, tensile strength is very important. At the same time, stretching is of great importance, its hardness is of great importance and the hardness and stiffness of the surface are important.

Blankets can generally be affected by some external conditions. The paper, ink, hopper solution, and other printing chemicals used, the speed of the printing machine, and the operation processes are the most important factors affecting the blanket.

Suitable for many applications, can be metal, UV, newsprint, etc. we have a suitable blanket family for all of them.

Look at the expenses, not the cost of the blanket. If you reduce your blanket consumption by 30%, it doesn’t matter if you have paid 5% more or less blanket money.

Our blanket has excellent breaking strength and stability. In the packaging industry, blankets are changed not because they are impacted or worn, but because they are broken in some way. Our blankets have longer durability. Since there is no leakage, there is no swelling.

UV is developing rapidly, increasingly. Not everyone has a very good UV blanket so competition is getting smaller but we are lucky. It works very well with the blanket we developed, especially with H-UV LEDs.

When we look at the market, blankets are damaged because the wrong chemicals are used. But we can say that you are in safe hands with Teknova. We have ISO 9001 and SGS certificates. ”

Güven Sonakın (Teknova Flexible Packaging Product Manager);
“Nova Flex is our water-based flexo ink brand”

Teknova Flexible Packaging Product Manager Güven Sonakın made a presentation about water-based flexo inks, the locomotive flexible packaging product produced in the Esenyurt factory, and ceramic anilox rollers of the British company Cheshire, which they represent, which are frequently used in both offset and flexo printing.

Stating that flexible packaging is a structure that started with water-based ink production in Teknova for about 3.5 years and expanded with the participation of by-product groups, Güven Sonakın says, “We can call this area our innovative, young, innovative face” and continues as follows. “Cheshire is a UK based ceramic roller company. As you know, ceramic anilox rolls are not produced in our country. It is a product that the machine manufacturers generally outsource by the respected manufacturers in the world. Considering the print quality, performance, service life, and cost, ceramic anilox rollers are a product group that improves itself day by day. Cheshire is an important representative of this. Turkey in the markets we work together for approximately 1.5 years.

One of the most important features for Cheshire’s market is that it provides less than 1% porosity. Apart from that, there is also a cost criterion. It is also important to have a durable material with long life and a ceramic roller that is used for 7 years and 10 years. Here, too, they provide the durable structure with rolls with 1600 Vicker hardness. At the point where you reach this hardness level, your rollers will last much longer. There is also a special application made by the company to bring the pores and surface technology to the next level. The rollers are covered with pastes.

Taking into account the changing market conditions 3.5 years ago, Teknova also evaluated the direction of flexo printing in the market and decided to invest in producing water-based flexo printing inks. Flexible Packaging is the department established in this direction.

Nova Flex is our water-based flexo ink brand. Nova Flex NM mat series, our product group used in corrugated board printing on kraft, brown, or white testliner. It has a high covering ability and dullness. Nova Flex NC is designed to be used in companies that print on glossy paper. Nova Flex NC, kraft paper was produced to be used in printing, paper bag market in Turkey and we sell a lot of these products to our customer’s cardboard cups. Nova Flex NN is our group developed for napkin printing. Thanks to a special varnish, we worked on providing the very high friction and water resistance expected in all these applications such as napkins and diapers, and we get successful results in the product group. Nova Flex NP is our series used in printing on polyethylene and polypropylene, and printing on bags. ”

Baki Anapalı (Teknova Board Member) “We have two product groups in offset inks”

Making the last speech of the meeting, Teknova Board Member Baki Anapalı said, “We produce offset inks in two different centers in Europe. We have two different product groups from two different centers ”and adds. “Teknova’s two brands in offset inks, Rainbow (Premium) and Colora (Standard), from vegetable oil-based series, differ from each other by the difference in pigmentation. Mineral oil-based inks provide faster penetration. Color intensities are not different from Colora. ”

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