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TEKNOVA produces printing chemicals and materials imported by our country from abroad at high standards in its own facilities and serves not only customers within the borders of the country but also more than 30 countries around the world.

By the established mission of TEKNOVA, which has been serving the printing packaging industry since 2001; printing chemicals with international standards in Turkey, chemicals, molds, printing supplies and offers water-based lacquers and water-based flexo ink industry with new products and technologies to achieve its production and R & D activities.

chemical products with the needs of the sector, aid materials, blankets (print rubber), machinery, and spare parts for the world’s reputable manufacturers engage the representative of Turkey. In addition to more than 100 types of Teknova branded products produced and sold in Teknova facilities, Trelleborg Sava, Baldwin, Tesa, MARKS.3ZET, Betz, Cheshire Anilox, IST-UV, LeadEdge, and many different global brands are sold through the agency channel.

It offers a quality standard that differs from its competitors with its product variety with international licenses and quality certificates. All raw materials and materials used to keep the production quality at the highest level are included in the supply chain, taking care that they comply with international standards. Therefore, it is the first and only domestic manufacturer with Turkey’s international FOGRA certified.

In line with the demands of the sector, it increases its product range and continues its investments. Both the ISO 9001 quality certificate to increase the confidence of the customers in existing markets and Turkey in the international market, which has been in control of UKAS international auditing firms. The principle of quality ensures that every product is made in high-quality standards and with a production philosophy aiming at endless customer satisfaction. The environmental management system developed to systematically reduce and, if possible, eliminate the damages that may be caused by production activities to the environment, has been taken with ISO 14001.

TEKNOVA has applied to FOGRA Institute, which is an important approval organization in the printing industry, and its products have received Fogra approval. Products with FOGRA certification are also tested by various machine manufacturers (MAN, Heidelberg, KBA, Baldwin, etc.) and it is confirmed that the purchased chemicals do not cause any damage to the printing machines during production. It aims to strengthen the position of its products in the international market with the certificates obtained from international trust-inspiring approval institutions.

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